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Visit The Humidor

With over 600 different cigar labels to choose from it is a understatement to say we have something for everyone. We take pride in the four years of research that bring you the perfect selection of cigars. Our humidor showcases cigars from all over the world with specific detail given to the stocking of labels that are popular. We carry cigars priced from $2.00 to $40.00 so we are sure that we will meet your price point while exciting your taste buds. 
To match our fine selection of cigars we offer a spacious lounge with multiple seating areas. Feel free to pull up a seat and meet new people from all over the world or find a cozy chair to enjoy a more private setting. If you are like most Denver sport fans simply be seated at the bar and enjoy your favorite beverage while watching your favorite team.

"Welcome to Capitol Cigars, the best cigar lounge in Denver Colorado!" Great atmosphere, cigar selection and a excellent selection of wine and liquor pairing.

Excellent Cigar And Scotch Pairings


The balance between smell and taste is exclusive to each individual pallet when comes to pairing a fine cigar with a top shelf liquor. Certain chocolate or woody flavors are enhanced when followed by a sip of a smooth scotch, rum or whiskey.

If you are not sure of what flavor combination your taste buds are looking to achieve speak with one of our well trained staff members.

Over 600 Different Cigar Selections


With so many cigar choices in our spacious humidor there are a few things to take into consideration before making your selection. Cigars from different regions such as Nicaragua, Honduras or the Dominican may have subtle differences in taste do to the soil composition. Each cigar is made with a certain detail to rather it will have a light, medium or full body. The same attention is given to the flavor and if the desired blend will create a woody, earthy, nutty, leathery or chocolate after taste.


Denvers Best Cigar Lounge!