Smoking A Cigar
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Smoking A Cigar

To smoke a cigar one end is cut the other end is then torched first for a even burn and then the cigar is puffed on with short breathes not inhaling the smoke while a lower temperature lighter also known as a soft flame is used to light the cigar completely. The reason for using a soft flame lighter or lower temperature source than a torch to light the cigar is to not over heat the cigar during lighting.

You also do not want to smoke the cigar at a very high temperature by smoking to fast or Hot Boxing as it is sometimes called. The slower you smoke your cigar the cooler it burns giving time for all the flavors intended in it's creation to marinate. My favorite cigar is the Casa Magna torito size, and I find that the slower I smoke it the more flavor I can get out of it.

Although some people inhale some of the cigar smoke to ascertain it's smell most do not and the smoke is simply rolled around on ones pallet as it flows from the mouth slowly.

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