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Frequently Ask Questions

Q: Can I smoke inside Capitol Cigars?


A: Yes.  You can also consume alcohol provided you purchase it here. 



Q: Is there a membership fee to smoke in the lounge?


A: No. 



Q: Where can I park? 


A: There are metered spaces in front of the store that become free after 6 p.m.  There is also free parking on both Ogden and Emerson Streets. 



Q: Is the lounge available for private events?


A: Yes.  Rates vary depend on desired hours, size of the group, and expectations of service.  Please contact David or Mike during daytime business hours for availability and rates.



Q: May I bring cigars purchased somewhere else into Capitol Cigars?


A: Yes, although we do ask that you purchase a couple of drinks from our bar if you choose to bring in your own tobacco.  We have to keep our lights on somehow. 



Q : Can I bring my own drinks into Capitol Cigars?


A :  No.  Due to the fact that we have a bar no outside beverages of any kind are allowed in the store.


Q: I am over 18 but under 21, can I enjoy a cigar in the lounge?


A: Yes, however the actual bar-seating area is off limits.



Q: Can my friends and I use the lounge for a private poker game? 


A: Yes, although there are some rules :


You are responsible for your game.  Capitol Cigars takes no cut and charges no fee to play here.  Our employees will not be your referees. 


Friendly games only, if you allow someone you do not personally know into your game the game will be shut down immediately.  Any disruptions or arguments stemming from the game will also not be tolerated.  These are games for fun.  If you want to play seriously there are Casinos in the mountains, or the city of Las Vegas. 



Q: Does Capitol Cigars take phone orders?


A: No. 



Q: Does Capitol Cigars carry marijuana paraphernalia?


A: No


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